Massive Presets / All About Keys & Motion

We've just come out with new presets for our popular ”All About” series.

The Massive Presets / All About Keys & Motion contains 60 presets. (30 keys and 15 motion and 15 fx sounds)

Keys & Motion is a welcome addition to the series, which focuses on synthesizer sound categories.

We're confident that these presets will become an indispensable support for your music production.

✳︎The drum sounds recorded in the demo songs are not recorded in either Audio files or Midi Files.

✳︎Please use the latest version of Massive. We've confirmed that this preset pack can be used with Version 1.4.2.

About Midi files : After opening a MIDI file, you can replay a demo song without the drum or effects data by opening and replaying the preset file with the same name as the Midi file in Massive.

Some of the presets are offered free of charge, so don't miss the chance to experience these unique sounds.

Enjoy your music.