Start-up of SamplingLabo

Thank you for accessing the SamplingLabo blog. SamplingLabo was established to offer high quality sound files to all composers, trackmakers, musicians, and creators who utilize sound files—typically DAWs such as Garageband, Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, and samplers—for music production.

Our royalty free Apple Loops, Wav, and REX2 sound files and Sample Pack, Synth Preset, Midi file, and Score libraries will add colorful new dimensions to your sound creations.

SamplingLabo provides free samples on our Web site to let you experience the high quality of our sound files. Download our free samples and see what we have to offer. We plan to continue adding free samples, so stop back from time to time to check out what’s new.

Advancements in DAW and other music technologies have produced music recording, editing, and production environments that make it easy for anyone to create music. But at the same time, much of the music people create utilizing these technologies has a tendency to sound similar. SamplingLabo believes that expressing musical individuality will be the most important aspect of sound creation from now on.

At SamplingLabo we are constantly at work creating unique new contemporary sounds and universal (traditional) sounds that never grow old. Let us be the starting point for your music creation.

Enjoy your music.