Sample Pack / Pop Sounds with StringQuartet Vol.1

Presenting “Pop Sounds with String Quartet Vol.1” the first sample pack series from SamplingLabo.

This sample pack contains 5 high-quality construction kits.In our aim to be the starting point for your music creation, we gave careful thought to every detail in the production of this sample pack in the hope that it will be your best choice.

Of course you can produce high-quality tracks by simply assembling the musical elements in the kits in this sample pack series. And in producing the kits, we avoided adding excessive effects to color the sounds in order to make it easy for you to replace any of the instrument data with your own original version.

We also avoided too much intertwining of sounds to give each of the instruments in the kits a certain degree of independence. You’re free to change the main phrase, change the basic loop—whatever choices you make, working with these kits is sure to make music production enjoyable and stress free.

What distinguishes this sample pack is that all of the kits contain live string quartet performance data recorded with high-quality equipment. In addition to the stereo track file of the take recorded with 7 microphones, the kits include files of the data recorded by each separate microphone. A PDF file of the score for the String Quartet music is also included to let you visually confirm the notes.

Some of the kits include acoustic guitar and electric guitar data recorded with two microphones in separate files.

All musical phrases are recorded in the smallest unit to avoid large loop files that needlessly repeat the same phrase. We added a file construction sheet for users who want to start their music production by reproducing the final mix.

✳︎The musical notation in the score may differ slightly from the recordings.

✳︎The number of files containing string quartet, guitar, and other instrument data and the length of phrases differ for each kit.

✳︎We do not guarantee that assembly of files according to the file composition sheet will exactly reproduce the final mix because factors such the fader level and effects used in production cannot be precisely duplicated.

Data is recorded in Apple Loops and WAV file formats at sampling rates of 44.1 kHz (24 bit) and 96 kHz (24 bit).

This is the list of files in PopSounds with StringQuartet Vol.1.

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The presence of each instrument in the recordings and the feel of a live performance because they are recorded with microphones give these instrumental sounds a special quality that transcends digital music produced with a software synthesizer alone. We’re confident that the kits will stimulate your creativity.

The music you create is unique—it is imagined only by you and no one else. The greatest pleasure for SamplingLabo is to have our products be a part of your original sound creations.

Enjoy your music.