Equipment 2 (Acoustic & Gut Guitar)

Last time we introduced the equipment used to record String Quartet (Equipment 1).

This time we’ll introduce the equipment used to record the acoustic & gut guitars.

・Mic 1 : Telefunken ELA M 251E

This microphone gives instruments stand-out presence. It delivers a glittering sound with rich overtones, but reduces the harshness of the high-frequency component.

It was our choice of main mic because we wanted to enhance the presence of the guitar sounds.

・Mic 2 : AKG C 460 B

This mic has a narrower frequency range than the ELA M, but very good frequency response to medium-range sound components that delivers a bright sound.

By using this combination of mics, it was our intention to add the aggressive sound obtained with the C 460 B to the presence of the sound produced by the ELA M.

・Mic preamp: Neve 1073

The Neve 1073, which we introduced in the last blog, was also used to record the guitars. You can read about it in the Equipment 1 (String Quartet) blog.

The guitar sounds recorded with this equipment are also contained in the Pop Sounds with String Quartet series.This is a great series we highly recommend for addition to your library.

✳︎Guitar sounds are not included in all of the construction kits. For details, refer to each of the blogs for the series.

Enjoy your music.